Purposely Ignited – igniting HOPE with vortex energy and wisdom

Apr 19, 20200 comments

Purposely – the meaning of this word is intentionally, deliberately, knowingly, wilfully, consciously, purposefully, on purpose or by design. It means it is not randomly, it is not accidentally nor unintentionally. 

To ignite means – to light up, to set fire to, be set off, to kindle…

Hope – the word is derived from an old English word hopian.  It means to leap forward with expectation. Hope sees possibility. Hope is the foundation for resilience. To have hope has to do with being able to recover from discouragement and have a vision of a better future reality. 

Purposely Ignited is then to consciously, intentionally and by design, rekindle HOPE. 


HOPE is essential for vision, success, empowerment, encouragement, and performance, in order to have and understand meaning and to live and thrive on purpose.  When a person, a group of people, a team or even a whole organisation is engulfed in hopelessness, then the performance, as well as mental and physical health states of the people will be in dire straits. It will collapse. Hope is needed to guard against not being overwhelmed and totally desponded by the devastating effect the Covid-19 pandemic has thrust upon households and the economies of the world. 

Purposely Igniting Hope then means to design consciously, intentionally, and deliberately a future desired outcome. Something that is better, more powerful, more acceptable, more beautiful, more successful, more and better…. than it is now.

Igniting HOPE demands leadership. It needs men and women (young and old, and from different cultures and backgrounds) to take up their innate leadership roles – to ignite the leader in them – to design change. Whatever, that change should look like. The change that is necessary to create a better future reality. 

Why vortex energy? 

The time is NOW. The world needs true, authentic, and humble leaders with integrity to rise up.  With energy! With dedication, stamina, motivation, and inspiration. We, the leaders of the future, must learn new ways of doing, of being and of living to lead into a brighter tomorrow, seeing the future and to leave a legacy of HOPE for the generations to come. Optimum capacity. Igniting Hope is a vibrant and potent force that contributes to leaders and followers expending the requisite energy necessary to pursue and attain organisational goals. (Brigitte Hyacinth)


Why wisdom?

There is a classical Latin adage and oxymoron Festina lente or speûde bradéōs (σπεῦδε βραδέως) meaning “make haste slowly” (sometimes rendered in English as “more haste, less speed”). It has been adopted as a motto numerous times, particularly by the emperors Augustus and Titus, the Medicis and the Onslows.

Vortex energy is needed because we do not have time to waste. But, collaborative WISDOM must be the companion of efforts. Collaborative?


Together as a family.

Together as a community. 

Together as a city. 

Together as a country. 

Together as the world. 

Together as a team. 

Together as an organisation. 

WISDOM is more than only using the information, knowledge, and data we have. WISDOM is to use the collective knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense and insight we have and apply it with good judgement. It is to be sensible. Wisdom comes from a compassionate and empathic heart; it comes when we can transcend our egos, practice unbiased judgment, and are not attached to power and greed.

At Purposely Ignited our highly skilled and diverse team apply their collective expertise to tackle complex problems and wisely design and deliver breakthrough interventions that ignite individuals, leaders, teams, and organisations to be the change that is needed, whilst performing and living on purpose and with meaning. We find and use the best diagnostics (assessments) to inform us about what is the most sensible way to ensure resilience for high performance readiness. Towards success.   Our diagnostics are grounded in solid neuroscience and translate complexity into clarity. It allows us to look at the current reality through a broader lens and indicates what is needed to be more resourceful and how productivity and performance can be increased.

Our strategic interventions, programmes, coaching journeys, and workshops all have one essential focus – creating positive change, leveraging the collective curiosity, intelligences, and skills. 

Our belief is: together we survive and together we thrive. 

Igniting HOPE with vortex energy and wisdom to ensure thriving.


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