Efficiency and Collaboration in a Virtual World

Jul 30, 20200 comments

Pandemic or no pandemic, the world is ever requiring workers, parents, and students to work efficiently remotely. This involves collaborating in real time, sharing various kinds of information in a smart way, and presenting them remotely.

Work faster and smarter without working harder!

What are the outcomes of a short learning programme to effect this?

  • Efficiency in various prominent virtual meeting platforms (Zoom, Meet, MS Teams)
  • Proficiency in all G Suite and Microsoft information sharing platforms:
    • Calendars
    • Folders
    • Files
    • Tasks
    • Internal communication
  • Availability of data on all secured devices – work from anywhere, any device
  • Backup included
  • Ability to make quick and easy videos of your screen, or yourself, to share out to anyone. It plays like a Youtube video, and it is secure
  • Forms – send out enquiry forms
  • Automation of certain aspects – email, data collection, data calculation and presentation

With this course in presentations and efficiency in a virtual world, you will be able to work efficiently and smartly from anywhere – even your own couch.

Who should attend?

  • Business owners
  • Project managers
  • Team members
  • Admin users
  • Anyone working from home
  • Anyone wishing to work smarter


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